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+ Multiworld (A second world available for use soon)

+ War (Available for use soon)

+ Lottery (Type /Lottery, buy tickets win money.)

+ New gamer group for anyone in the second world when its available

+ 2 sethomes for Novice rank

+ Now possible to make bid increment to 5k on auctions. 

- Removed auto removal from clearlag

? Will be debating should i re-allow claiming in the end & nether with server players...


- iNoVoCraft

Notice some of these changes have been on the fly updates between the last major update and now.

+ Can leave factions with negative power

+ Fixed being kicked for fly when not flying

+ Changed pvptimer from 15 mins to 25 min

+ More voting sites

+ Changed auction timeout between auctions

+ Increased money limit to 10 milion

+ Added a unlockable warp ( HamTown ) once at the location you click a button to unlock

+ Fixed McMmo so its easier to level and more rewarding for high stats 


- iNoVoCraft

I have updated some of the plugins hopefully curing some errors and...

Another thing i would like to note, i tryed to add the factionchat plugin everybody wanted and it filled the console with errors and refused to work... I will have to wait for it to update, sorry.


+ Updated plugins such as nocheatplus to hopefuly fix the kicked4Flying bug 

+ Enderchestplus (Donators should have a HUGE enderchest when they click a enderchest and to access your old enderchest's items just type /enderchest

+ 2 Diamonds for every time you vote

+ senshuken & kujothebro28 are now moderators  


You have to type in a captcha code if you talk to fast in chat or execute to many commands.

Changed faction member limit to 8

TnT now destroys faction territory anytime

7/2/2013 UPDATES

- iNoVoCraft

NoVoCraft has updated to 1.6!

 And here is what i done to the server other than resetting the map.

Notice anything highlighted could not be completed but will be soon as possible. 


 + Added a new line of player ranks, starter/user/player/member/novice/novian.

+ New rewards for auto rank ups.

+ Added new plugins, McMMO/chestshop/disguisecraft/pvptimer/ClearLagg/.

+ Made disguisecraft work with fareness in PvP To where you have a 2m disguise period and a 3m cooldown so when hit you will be undisguised and disguises are earnable through being a novice/novian/d1/d2/d3 or donating for individual packages that will be avalible soon.

+ Made chestshop avaliable to user ranks and above for {buy} only shops to where they can sell items.

 + Made clearlagg remove all droped items and entitys besides armor/weapons/tools, every 30 minutes.

 + New colors to ranks/names/chat.

 + New voting rewards and luckyvotes and changed voting links to /vote.

 + New spawn/halloffame/shops.

 + Changed TnTDestroysTerritoryDelay from 8minutes to 1hour after last logout from faction.

+ Player rank and above can now use /auction start instead of going to the old auction house..

+ Increased money limit from 500k to 1 milion.

 + Replaced donators /chest with a 81 slot enderchest.

+ Donators only have to pay 80% of the price at admin shops. 


Player playtime data from old worlds. 

Player IP tracking databases.   


- Reset everything on the server but playtime and IPLogging

 - Demoted all staff to give others a chance to earning staff.

- GodApple cooldown. 

- Decreasing amounts of diamonds/godapples rewarded for donating. 

- /chest. 

- Fastsoup. 

 - SignChestShop (The old shop plugin where you open a chest for a whole shop). 

- Reset everything on the server.
- Demoted all staff to give others a chance to earning staff.
- GodApple cooldown.
- Decreasing amounts of diamonds/godapples rewarded for donating.
- /chest.
- Fastsoup.
- SignChestShop (The new/old shop plugin where you open a chest for a whole shop).